Our inspiration has been Caine, from Caine’s Arcade. Have a look yourself to see what all the BUZZ is about! Caine’s Arcade is an 11-minute short documentary film by Nirvan Mullick released on April 9, 2012 that featured a cardboard arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of boxes and everyday objects.

creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future

The ability to dream, take chances, and create the things we imagine… these are the skills of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. Children are born with these exceptional talents, but research shows that over time they begin to lose them.

Are We Facing a Crisis in Creativity?

Creativity is critically valuable, but research indicates it’s been declining significantly on a global scale over the last 20 years. This decline is evident in the challenges children are facing in school, life and work. One popular report states, “children have become less… expressive… energetic… humorous… imaginative… unconventional… less likely to see things from a different angle.” Many argue that our approach to education is one of creativity’s biggest threats.

The decline in creativity is alarming, but we recognise a solution in the power of Creative Play, and in the simple things adults from all walks of life can do to help.

We think that when children develop their natural creative talents, they develop a variety of skills and attitudes that will drive success in school, life and future work. Want to read more about the ideas and research that influence our work?