Year 4 Maths Games Day

The Year 4 Statewide Maths Games Day was held at Lowther Hall on Thursday August 10, 2017.

Mackellar Primary School sent two teams of four students to participate in the event. These students included:


Mackellar Team 1 Mackellar Team 2
Michelle Sem (4F) Tuong – Vy Ho (4F)
Filip Momcilovic (4K) Kaan Kalinkara (4G)
Amir Koubar (4F) Ken Ho (4G)
Jason Tran (4G) Emily Natoli (4F)
Dylan Maybery (4F)

The Games Day offered students the opportunity to experience a new setting to complete novel and challenging maths tasks.

The day began with some warm up table problems to activate the students’ minds in preparation for the day.

The students then worked in teams to solve problem-solving tasks. With a time frame attached to this task the students needed to consider how much time they would devote to each question. Once all booklets were submitted for assessment the students continued to discuss the preferred strategies they adopted to solve the problems.

After a short break the students participated in two tasks. While one group of students were challenged through automatic response tasks, the other students showcased their creativity by constructing 3D objects using Geoshapes. The students’ minds were definitely stretched to the maximum as they completed as many automatic response questions as possible in a given timeframe.

In the final part of the day all students were actively participating in events across schools. Four separate tasks were provided to the students to challenge their critical thinking through mathematics.

During the breaks students were encouraged to develop friendships with each other.

The students returned to Mackellar feeling very proud of their achievements. It was such a pleasure to accompany these students on the day. These students were extremely well mannered and demonstrated great sportsmanship and collaboration as they supported each other during the activities.

Congratulations to all these students on a fabulous effort.

Fiona Clarke

Maths Coordinator