Mackellar Primary School is committed to the eSmart Schools Program. An initiative by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, eSmart is a whole-school approach designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent cybersafety and cyberbullying.

The eSmart Schools program assists us by providing:

  • an effective road map to guide schools in developing a sustainable whole-school approach to cybersafety, cyberbullying and bullying
  • direct web access to the best cybersafety resources from Australia and throughout the world
  • a flexible system that our school can adapt for our own specific needs
  • a comprehensive gap analysis tool acknowledging existing school cybersafety practices
  • the framework to create a positive school culture and protect children from cyber-risks
  • a record to track and record eSmart activities and progress
  • resources, policies and guidelines are adapted for all states, territories and education systems – saving time and reducing duplication, and
  • ongoing training and support.


Guides for Parents

These are the social media platforms that children are interested in. Please click on the icon to find out more information about each platform.


We are proud to announce our school’s six 2018 eSmart Ambassadors who will be actively engaged in organizing whole school events and developing cybersafety resources:

Grade 4 Ambassadors:

  • Hannah Carthew
  • Tendi Chibisa

Grade 5 Ambassadors:

  • Ahriann Co
  • Filip Momcilovic

Grade 6 Ambassadors:

  • Brittney Cameron
  • Wyatt Sladden

Cybersafety School Policies:

The following links provides further information about eSmart:

Here are some links to useful information, activities and advice about cybersafety:


iParent – New eSafety guidance for parents

As a parent or carer, it can be difficult keeping up with young people and technology, or even knowing when to start the conversation about online safety in your household.

We’re here to help—check out our new eSafety guidance for parents of preschoolers that covers things like what to consider before giving your child their first smartphone, as well as offering practical tips on managing their first device.

eSafety for Parents


Online Safety for Pre-School Children

Your Child’s First Mobile Phone