Introduction and philosophy

Mackellar Primary School is an inclusive school. We are deeply committed to the belief that all students can learn and aim to provide, through high quality education, a genuine opportunity for all students to succeed regardless of their disability or individual learning needs. Our philosophy of inclusion is built on the premise that all students benefit from the opportunity to learn together regardless of any differences in ability, race or religion.

Our targeted and highly structured and responsive additional programs are designed to meet the individual learning needs of students by building on their achievements and successes while recognising their special interests. Our team includes a range of multi-skilled personnel (teachers, integration aides, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and clinicians) who value the opportunity to work in partnership with the students and their parents.

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Guided Play
Guided Play is a supervised active program. Students are involved in team sports and activities that help build their social skills and sense of fair play. The program is separated into two groups (Prep to 2 and Grades 3 to 6) and is conducted during recess and lunch break times each day.

Fine Motor
The Fine Motor program introduces students to a range of structured activities, which assist, with the development of hand control and coordination.

Social Skills
The Social Skills program supports students to build and maintain positive relationships and helps them to understand and manage their emotions. The program aims to assist students to communicate effectively and interact appropriately. Students are given the opportunity to practise skills in a variety of different groupings and environments to enable generalisation of new learning.

Movement for Learning
Movement for Learning is a structured sensory motor program designed to improve the motor skill level of students while fostering a love of movement and activity.

The Language program supports the students in their development of literacy, oral language and active listening skills. This is achieved through a variety of activities that encourage speaking, listening, articulation, descriptive language and the building of a student’s vocabulary.

The Sensory program encourages the student to interact with their environment. It provides a variety of rich student centred sensory experiences, which will assist in the retraining of the sensors while also extending the student’s ability to respond appropriately to sensory input.

Grades 3 to 6 Life Skills
The Life Skills program focuses on preparing students for the future by involving them in a range of activities that promote and practise the skills required to become a resilient and responsible member of Mackellar Primary School and the wider community. Students use the Inquiry process to plan, prepare and budget for events and are provided with strategies to assist with the development of their organisational skills. Students also have access to iPad technology, which is used to enhance their skills and support their work.

Bridges Literacy and Numeracy
Bridges Literacy and Numeracy are one to one intervention programs that support students to become confident and proficient in essential literacy and numeracy skills.

Grade 6 Transition
Our intensive Grade 6 Transition program supports students in making a positive transition from primary school to secondary college. Students work towards the preparation of a ‘passport’ that celebrates their achievements and successes and introduces their interests to their new school.