100 Days of Learning at Mackellar

The students of Mackellar are celebrating 100 Days of Learning.


“I love school because I like to go to kitchen garden” – Destiny

“I love everything” – Aiden

“I like school because I make new friends and create art” – Sila

Little Learners Love Literacy® is a whole class approach and explicit and sequential literacy program that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence.
At Mackellar we instill a love of reading right from day one. We practice reading every day and as teachers share our love of reading with them.
All literacy sessions will begin with an activity that involves developing your child’s awareness of an initial sound. The first step in learning to read is hearing the sound. The next step is recognizing and reading it and writing it in a fun way.
  • Children experience success and develop confidence at each level.
  • Provide practice in the strategy of decoding or ‘sounding out’ words that cannot be read. A few Heart Words (learnt by heart) are introduced as they are needed and cannot be decoded at this stage.